Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Tool #3

The websites that I find most useful for my content area include Discovery Education, YouTube, and Jing (I can create my own videos for students.)  Discovery Education has so many wonderful videos about any science topic that you can think of! I have used this site for video clips many times.  YouTube is great because you can find scientific demonstrations.  I also enjoy using Jing.  I can record myself working science problems which I can later post on my classroom Facebook page. One website that I plan on using more is TeacherTube because these videos are (hopefully) classroom safe.

Two video clips that I have shown in my classroom are embedded below.  The first one is about selective breeding.  The students really enjoyed watching this video clip!

After showing the Belgian Blue clip, one of my students found a similar video about a Whippet dog and posted it to the class Facebook page!

As teachers, it is important to practice fair use and copyright laws when using online images and videos because we are constantly using outside resources.  After watching the copyright videos, I learned that as long as our use does not impede or interfere with the sales/market of the resource then it is considered fair use.  This includes using a small amount, using a source that is a well-known fact, and using the resource in a transformative way (altering a song into a parody, etc.)

I currently have a Box account (which is similar to DropBox) set up through the NHS Biology Department.  Thank you, Quinton, for setting this up because it is extremely useful!  It allows us to upload, download, and edit documents from other teachers.  It's also useful because I can access the account from anywhere.  I would like to set up an account for my students so they can access homework assignments and print them out at home.  It would also be a great way for students to turn in electronic homework assignments.

Since I'm already posting videos, I might as well post some pictures of my wonderful friends at NHS.  I am grateful that I went through my first year with these people!! They are amazing!

The Cool Science Team (missing a few people)


Vanessa is English but is very much a part of the Science Family!

My favorite group ever!!!! And of course, sweet Kylie in the background.
Jo Morgensen - The Best Mentor in the world!  She has helped me tremendously and she always makes me laugh just like in this picture!

The nicest Chemistry girls!


  1. I LOVE your pictures!!! You are a super skilled blogger! ;)

  2. I look like a GIANT next to you! Get some heels!

  3. You didn't use the edited version of the Belgian Blue video! Cracks me up!! :)