Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tool #8

A few things that I learned about the new devices include how to create an iTunes account, how to navigate through the iPad, and how to add the SBISD wireless network.

I think classroom management is essential with the use of technology.  To start, I will create a set of standard procedures when using technology.  These procedures will be posted in the classroom so that students can refer to them at any time.  I will also create an online document located on the desktop of the device.

I liked the idea of having designated technology students who can assist me with taking out/putting up the devices and to answer any questions that other students may have about them.  I would also like to have a lesson on technology at the start of the school year so that students can become familiar with the iPads and netbooks.

I'm very glad that we are receiving these new devices in our classrooms and I can't wait to use them next year.  I'm sure our fabulous administrators are also happy about these new devices!  Thank you, Mr. Adami, Ms. Estes, Ms. Slinkard, Ms. Poteet, Ms. Sanchez, and Mr. Barnes for our new, cool tools!! (And anyone else who had something to do with this new technology that we are getting!!)

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