Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tool #7

I think it would be an awesome experience for our students to participate in collaborative learning especially with another teacher's class.  The collaborative project that I would implement is with Ms. Thorpe's math class about Punnett squares and factoring.

Content Objectives:
Students will apply the tools for calculating genotypic/phenotypic ratios and factoring by creating online tutorials on how to solve a Punnett square problem and a factoring problem.
Students will demonstrate knowledge of calculating genotypic/phenotypic ratios and factoring by developing their own Punnett square and factoring problems (and answer key) for their classmates to solve.

I typically teach Genetics at the start of January so I would plan this in the Spring semester.

Tools I plan to use:
The tools I plan to incorporate with this project include Skype, Jing, Today's Meet, and Google Docs.

Day One: Students will participate in a Skype meeting with Ms. Thorpe's class to learn how factoring is done.  In return, Ms. Thorpe's class will learn how Punnett squares are solved.

Day Two: Students will participate in a Today's Meet to review the concepts they learned the previous day.  They can discuss problems, the procedure to solving both types of problems, and address any questions they may have.  This will work like peer teaching.

Day Three: Students will work in small groups to create a Jing tutorial on how to solve at least one Punnett square problem and one factoring problem.  The tutorials can then be posted on a blog or class Facebook page so that other students can view them.

Day Four: Students will create their own Punnett square problems and factoring problems in a word document.  These will be uploaded into Google Docs so that other students can access them and solve the problems.

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